May Wrap Up

Not going to lie, I am shocked we are already in June. I knew May would be a busy month for me but its like I blinked and now we are heading straight into the sixth month of the year!!

I know I may have mentioned that May has been a busy month, however I just wanted to give you a breakdown of my weekends, which involved two work events, a trip to Belgium with The Sunday Feeling and our partners and one Race for Life. I am very much looking forward to a weekend of nothing but baking and reading…in my slippers….ok ok, pyjama’s!

In total this month I have readbooks and I have ended baking items in the kitchen.

So anyway lets see what I made/read this month shall we!


I have tried to increase my baking this month, in order to keep momentum going and to keep providing you with two blogs per week. I have been making more, although its not been new stuff, its been just me baking in the kitchen.

Cheesecakes –  Raspberry and Lemon


On one of my not so busy weekends this month, the first bank holiday if I recall, Dans sister and I decided we wanted cheesecake. So we made two in one afternoon, different flavours of course.

You can view the full recipe here for the Raspberry cheesecake and then watch out from the Lemon one.

I must say, we both preferred the Lemon one…very odd coming from me but it had the best flavour and consistency out of the two!

Rolo® Centred Cookies


Yup you heard me Rolo® centred cookies and I am not exaggerating they were so scummy. Dan declared them better than the ones you get in Tesco’s! (High claim and maybe slightly biased but I am taking it.) I originally found the recipe on Facebook from Sally’s Baking Addiction in the US and I am so thankful for Facebook for bring it to my attention!

If you want to find out how to make them you can view the recipe and my blog post here. Trust me with this, you should go bake them!


MORE CUPCAKES I hear you ask?! I am afraid so…

Basically my sisters came over after holiday (just in time for our Race for Life run) and were shocked and appalled that I hadn’t made them any cakes, so at 8pm that evening, I found myself in the kitchen cooking up some quick cupcakes for them to enjoy.

I made another batch of fruit buns and then also tested out a Rolo centred cupcake. It didn’t turn out so well, but with some additional chocolate icing they seemed to go down well, lets put it this way by 9pm I had made 24 cupcakes and when I went to bed that evening only 8 remained!

You can view the original recipe for fruit buns here.


I hit a milestone (for me this month) I have officially read 15 out of my year target of 35! I think thats a reason to celebrate (any excuse for cake!). I felt rather proud of hitting that number, hoping I can exceed my reading goal of 2017 – wish me luck!

Here are a few books that helped me reach this milestone!

Always with Love – Giovanna Fletcher


In reality it took me way too long to read this book as I originally bought it before I purchased Billy and Me, yet Billy and Me put me off of wanting to read it.

Having said that I ended up being pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this book, it brought me laughter and tears and if thats not a reason to enjoy a book I don’t know what is!

You can read my full review here.

The Woman Who Met Her Match – Fiona Gibson


I was lucky to receive this as a preview on NetGalley and I picked it up straight after reading Always with Love. I loved Lorrie the main character and the idea of this book and it was an easy read but I will save the rest for the full review!

So keep an eye on the blog!

Currently Reading….

I have also made a start on Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan. I have heard great things so am excited to get stuck into this one. I also got accepted for reading The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon on Netgalley and so far so good, just I got to what I thought was the end and its not, turns out its just a teaser so now I have to go and buy the full book. Not going to lie slightly miffed but its an excuse to go get a new Paige Toon book. (Don’t tell Dan).

There we have it, another exciting month at Fuel the Blog! I would like to make some bigger cakes this month, not for any particular reason than I keep seeing them and they look so pretty, I would love to master the skill of making a delicious looking and eating cake. The day will come my fellow bakers!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you have gotten on with your reading/baking below! Has it been a good month for you?

Until we meet again

George x


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