It’s Ok…

A slightly different post today, as well I feel as though I have been letting you all down. I havn’t been reading as much lately and even though I’m not entirely sure why, (I feel I have a small idea) I have come to realise that I am allowed to say, I simply haven’t read enough books to blog about recently.

Don’t get me wrong, I have books which I haven’t read this year which I could talk about, but I like blogging about my latest reads mainly as they are more memorable. Yes I need to work on my note taking after I finish a book – it truly helps your memory.

I do feel as though I put a lot of pressure on myself to read sometimes as I want to have a constant stream of posts for you to enjoy. Yet sometimes like today, I find myself not being able to give you a book review as I havnt finished one recently to talk about it in detail. I put this pressure upon myself then feel bad when I can’t deliver. But it’s ok and I have to realise that its ok to have other priorities, such as making memories!

It’s ok not to have read as much as you want to or do the things you set out to achieve it’s ok. We set ourselves goals as we like something to aim towards but it’s ok not to reach those, I truly believe that.

I personally have been trying to focus on memories lately. Recent events have shown me more than ever, that you need to live every moment and be happy. Make memories and be kind. So I want to make memories and as much as I love reading, I have decided not to pressure myself as much to force myself to read as I feel that could take a spiral the wrong way. I still want to post twice a week but it’s ok if I can’t manage that.

It probably hasn’t helped that I recently picked up Dear Amy and it seemed a bit slow to me and over 1/2 way through the book it started putting me into a mini book slump. So I stopped it before it could and changed books. I will go back to it, as it was no where as bad as Rogue Lawyer, but that will happen when I’m ready! I hope that’s ok!

So I just wanted to let you all know that if you have set yourself a goal recently and you feel as though you haven’t achieved it, its ok. Keep going. You’ve got this, just you need a bit more time. As the famous saying says ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ so keep up all your hard work and it will pay off!

I’m sorry for the slight change in pace this week, but I hope you enjoyed my short post. I am hoping to finish my Paige Toon book this week (fingers crossed) and review it for you so you can have a nice good old book blog next week!

However, saying that let me know if you want more varied content in the future. I am trying to work out what works best for my blog (and my reading pace) so any tips/pointers would be a great help!

Until next time,



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  1. Such an honest post! I love that you have just sat down and written down how you’re feeling and that you have accepted that it truly is okay. We all go through slumps, and we all also choose to just do other things rather than read. Summer is always a slightly slower reading time for me as I like to get out and about and enjoy peoples company.

    I would suggest writing about what you want over these slower reading time, maybe a post on what you have been up to in between baking and reading?!

    Another great post George!! x

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    1. fueltheblog says:

      Ohh I’m glad you enjoyed it! And great suggestions! I have some blogs like that in the pipeline just need to write them! Stay tuned! 😘 xx

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