June Wrap Up

A crazy crazy month for me if I’m honest, there’s a famous saying about buses all coming at once and that couldn’t be more true. Unfortunately for me it’s not all been good and has been fairly stressful. But let’s not bore you with the details, just if it’s taught me anything, embrace every moment and make them count.

In total this month I have read 2 books and have baked 5 items in the kitchen.

So lets see what happened in June shall we?!


I have tried to increase my baking this month, in order to keep momentum going and to keep providing you with two blogs per week. I have been making more, although its not been new stuff, its been just me baking in the kitchen. So technically I havnt achieved my original goal, but it’s nice to bake and get better at something.

Carrot Cake 

At the beginning of the month I decided to take a well needed break from work to have a long weekend as I worked all of the bank holiday weekend and just wanted to be with Dan. So I do what anyone normal does on their day off, I made a cake. After much deliberation and receiving a long list from Dans work colleagues, I decided to start by making a carrot cake.

Notoriously I don’t enjoy making this cake, for one reason and one reason only, it takes  a long time to grab the carrots and it bores me. I managed to watch an episode of Greys by the time I had finished grating the carrots and cutting the walnuts. Yet it appears to be Dans (and most people’s) favourite cake. So I am sure I will have to make it again soon. I was actually thinking of making carrot cake cupcakes…but this will be continued. Basically watch this space!

Anyhow, I followed an early blog recipe of mine and you can find it here.

Victoria Sponge

A classic always goes down well and the Victoria sponge is no exception. So as it was on the list from Dans work colleagues, I jumped at the chance to make it again. Such an easy yet satisfying cake to make.

You can view my original recipe here.

Lemon Cupcakes

Another favourite of Dans work colleagues, I know what your thinking I spoil them, but hey better in their offices than mine. Better for my wasteline that is.

I have made these before and if your a lemon lover they go down really well.

Full recipe here.

Fruit buns

We all know there Dans favourite, so I make these pretty much all the time. If I am honest, I’m glad they are his favourite as they only take 15mins with no need to worry about any decoration!

You can view the full recipe here.


Let’s face it brownies pretty much fix anything and I am happy to have made these at the beginning of the month.

I followed a previous recipe of mine which you can view here. I might be biased but they are pretty delicious so I would check them out if your a chocolate lover!

So there we have it, my baking. What makes it slightly more impressive is that I baked all of this in one weekend. I ended up having to split the cakes in half for both of our offices and there was not much left behind. My cupcakes even got handed out in one of Dans work meetings, which did make me smile!


Dear Amy – Helen Callaghan


Not going to lie, after my sister had read this, I was very excited to pick it up as my next read as she raved about it, however at less than 90 pages in I struggled to have the urge to pick it up. So I moved on to Paige Toon and came back to it later.

Unfortunately, when I finally picked it back up it didn’t improve for me and I tell you all about why here.

The Last Piece of My Heart – Paige Toon


I love a Paige Toon book. She seriously knows how to write and captivate her audience so when I saw a copy of her latest book on NetGalley I jumped at the chance. It wasn’t until the was of this book that I realised that this was a sample copy. So I headed straight to Amazon and bought it (amongst others) using my free gift card from BT. Win win.

It’s a great read And I would reccomend it. I did give it 3 stars, but I think I’ve not been in the best place to read. Click here to view full review.

Currently Reading….

This week, I received Heat Magazine and downloaded the free featured book, Out of Practice by Penny Parkes. Upon reading the blurb I wanted to read it straight away, so that’s why I am reading it. So far so good, it’s a nice easy read with more to come I am sure!

So there we have it, a fairly busy month at Fuel the Blog! Well I say month, but it was pretty much all in one weekend!  I need to bake more and I want to start working on more content for you.  What would you like to see? Would love to hear your thoughts,

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you have gotten on with your reading/baking below! Has it been a good month for you?

Until we meet again

George x


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