Week Six – Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie

Week Six in the tent brought us Pastry week. Little old me was thinking it would be full of sweet treats but boy was I wrong as two of the challenges were savoury.

This got me thinking and so I decided I wanted to make a savoury pie as I had only made one once using leftover turkey at Christmas so I thought whats the worst that could happen.  it was Pudding week.

I decided to use a recipe from the GoodtoKnow website. It was a nice and easy recipe to follow and the results were delicious so I would definitely check it out!

Anyhow, lets get stuck into my challenge shall we!

The challenge

Ok so once again I was shocked at how simple it was to make this. It didn’t take long to make the pastry and it didn’t take long to make the filling or cook it all. So would be a great recipe for a weekend meal in my humble opinion!

The smells that filled the kitchen were incredible and OH MY GOD the end result was just heavenly! If you like chicken, bacon and mushroom then this one is a winner in my eyes. Dan and I have said that we would like to experiment a bit more with some leek and asparagus and see where it takes us. Served with mash and veg it was a winning Sunday night meal after a busy day out.

As above, I followed the recipe from the www.goodtoknow.co.uk and it was delicious. This meal also gave me bonus girlfriend points!

Here’s some pictures to help show you the end result.



Have you taken on the bake along challenge? If so what did you make for week 6?

Until next time,


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