March #12MonthBOC

This year feels like it’s on a non stop train and we are flying past all of the stations on the line to reach our final destination, which I guess is Christmas. But that I suppose is a different story

Moving on to my March challenge for @FueltheBlog #12MonthBOC.

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March – Flo’s Watermelon Cake

This month my sisters set me a challenge of making a massive showstopper cake, which was originally created by Flo on the Great British Bake Off last year (2017). It was rather impressive on the show and although I was scared to make it, I wanted to give it a go. Most certainly a challenge.

I couldn’t find the watermelon syrup in my local Tesco’s so I decided to make some myself, mainly because I wanted to make it that day. This added another layer to the challenge which was really unnecessary. It took me too attempts to make the syrup (the first batch Burnt) and I have no idea if I made it right especially as I added it to the cake and personally couldn’t taste it. Hours of my time wasted but hey, it was satisfying to make it myself.

The cake itself was fairly easy to make. Yes it was a large batter (11 eggs!!) but it

turned out well.

Before making the cake I went to hobby craft as it was local to me at the time and they a very helpful lady helped me out with the pans recomended. Turns out she used to bake cakes and actually advised that the pan I was holding at the time was too small and it would probably be more of a challenge for myself if I cut it freehand. So I did. Which was very satisfying. It’s the small things yes.

The only slightly tricky part was the green fondant icing. I’m still not ‘there’ yet with fondant so took me a few tries and well really frustrated me. I persevered though and the end result was rather nice. Maybe a little too thick, but it kept braking thinner so I went with it.

Also, the inside wasn’t red. I put the WHOLE £2 tube in and it wasn’t red. Personally it kind of ruined the cake for me. Yes it tasted good and was my best ‘showstopper’ to date but there was room for improvement and well I guess I want to make it perfect.

It was a long process so thought I’d share some pics, from the first batch of burnt syrup to the end result.

The Result

As per last month – here is some feedback from the bake from my sisters and Dan.

Charlotte – 9/10

Amazing but lost a point for colour. But taste wise it was so light and chocolate chips were a good taste combo. Also I don’t like icing generally so didn’t reallly have it but I won’t judge you on my taste preferences 😂😂

Emily -9/10

Same as usual 🙂 same 9 because of the colour so nearly perfect could be mistaken for a watermelon.

Dan – 7/10 

7/10 was nice moist cake but icing was too much for me. Nice to know that my thoughts were the same. Basically it was a nice cake, but should have been red inside with less icing.

I would make it again, but for a party because it was a lot of cake and although everyone (minus my dad) seemed to get a slice there was just soo much cake!!

Three months down 9 to go. Don’t forget to check back to see how I get on in April and what the challenge is.

All challenges will be posted here on the 1st of the month and I’m very excited to see what’s left in the year.

If you do bake along with me let me know!

Until next time,

George x

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