April #12MonthBOC

April was always going to be a busy month for me being my birthday month and all. So I am glad I had enough time to make my April challenge for @FueltheBlog #12MonthBOC as well they looked yummy on the original post.

I only just managed it too as I only had the time to make them on the last weekend of the month.

You can keep up to date on the monthly challenges, click here.

If you do join in don’t forget to tag me! (@FueltheBlog)

April – Gin Jam Butties

The challenge this month was to make something which was not as it seemed. Biscuits in the shape of bread sandwiched together with buttercream and homemade jam, with a touch of gin. I believe these were originally created on the Great British Bake Off. It was rather impressive on the show.

Overall this was a very simple bake to make. Just it took slightly longer than anticipated as I didn’t have a large enough food processor and it actually took longer than expected to bake all of the batches of biscuits.

Also another thing to add is that I didn’t have a bread cutter (shape) to use so I originally started to use a large cupcake cutter I had. I created around 6ish (completed) biscuits with this shape and then thought I would have a go at drawing my own bread template and cutting them out one by one. It took longer, but I think they looked great and in fact having them smaller worked so much better in terms of taste and sweetness.

My only side note would be that you couldn’t really taste the gin. Personally all I could taste was the raspberry jam which really isn’t a bad thing because I like jam.

The Result

As per last month – here is some feedback from the bake from my sisters and Dan.

Charlotte – 8/10

Amazing but could have refined finish. 

Emily – 7/10

Tasted amazing I couldn’t score it higher as the biscuit I had didn’t have a snap and unfortunately I could not taste the gin. Not that I have a problem or anything but I do like my GIN.

Dan – 8.5/10 

It was very nice, the biscuits were cooked spot on had a nice bite to them whilst still being slightly chewy with the filling.

Don’t forget to check back to see how I get on in May and what the challenge is. All challenges will be posted here on the 1st of the month and I’m very excited to see what’s left in the year.

If you do bake along with me let me know, don’t forget to tag me!

Until next time,

George x

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