Hello Summer

Hey guys,

I just wanted to write down a little something to say sorry basically. I haven’t been writing posts for a while (lets just say around 5 weeks) and well as much as it makes me sad, I have felt as though I haven’t had much to talk about.

My life has taken over and whilst I shouldn’t feel the need to apologise, I do, so I’m sorry for letting this slip into a landslide.

I have also had both a reading and baking Slump brewing for a while so I haven’t felt as though I have had much to talk about. That’s soon to change however as I now need to catch up on my monthly wrap ups and share what I have been up to in the background, which may also include my Europe road trip and to also share the books which I am reading now. Yes I have started to read again! Whoop whoop.

So there we have it, a small post to say, I am still here and to watch this space. More will be coming, however I appreciate some might be random as I try to catch up on my somewhat ‘lost’ content for you all.

Until next time,



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  1. Hey girl!! It happens from time to time and while it can be frustrating for you….you do you, whatever that may be at the time. It’ll all come back at some point. Take this time to do whatever else your heart desires!

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    1. fueltheblog says:

      Thanks lovely! 💜💜

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