The Great British Bake Off Returns!

If you live in the UK you may or may not know that The Great British Bake Off returns to our screens on Tuesday (28th August) and I am excited.

Yes thats right 12 new bakers will be entering the tent and tackling the challenges which are set before them. This means one thing, my bake off challenge returns!

I am so excited to have a reason to bake each week and to try something new again, the bake off challenge always brings out the best in my cooking and I for one can’t wait!

So question is, will you be joining me on my baking adventure?

If yes, I can’t wait to see your creations and if I see any good ones this year I think I will share some on my blogs too!

Until next time,

George x

Oh and here is a selection of some of my completed bake off challenges from last year!  (2017 wasn’t as pretty – so check out old blog posts for those!)


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