Week Two – Tray Bake

Week Two in the tent was Cake Week! As you know, I love to make cake so was excited for this week. Saying that strangely I wasn’t blown away, personally it was probably the ‘challenges’ rather than the outcomes.


The Challenge.

This week, I was debating what I wanted to make. I wanted to give the technical challenge a go, but didn’t really want to go and buy a load of new ingredients when I have a large collection already. I then wanted to try and make a chocolate collar cake but I didn’t have any acetate. So I decided to make a tray bake. Normally if I do a challenge I stick to a recipe and don’t deviate. This week however I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Those of you who know me, know I like to stick to recipes non stop. Doing something different scares me a little, which is why I was surprised with myself when I decided to bake this week. I had lots of limes in the fridge so knew I wanted to make a lime tray bake. I saw this recipe online from Mary Berry and decided to alter it.

First, I wanted to make a biscuit base, however when I made it I didn’t use enough butter so it didn’t work too well and stick together. So I amended it once more. Then when the original bake was flatter than anticipated (due to my pan) I cut it in half to make it a double layered tray bake. I was happy with the result as it was something different and I just adapted to my creations.

So there we have it, my lime and ginger nut biscuit tray bake. What did you make this week?

Until next time,

George x

Here are a few pictures to show how I got on.

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  1. Oh man!! They turned out so pretty!!

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