Week Five – Manon’s Italian Meringue Ginger Cake with Ginger and Lemon Curd

I quite enjoyed spice week because it is open to interpretation, although saying that I had no idea what the technical challenge was, but the cake sounded good so I opted to try that.

The challenge.

As above, I opted to utilise the app (The Great British Bake Off app) and make Manon’s ginger cake.

Whilst I found the cake itself easy to make, the tricky parts came in the Italian meringue and Lemon curd. Also, would have been good if I had a blowtorch to make the outside nice and brown.

Also, the app didn’t specify how many tins I needed to have, so I made 2 tiers instead of three and therefore had a bit too much lemon curd, as I made it I wanted to use it so put a bit too much curd in the middle.

That was the only criticism I received though. So all in all, a good bake, which went down well. Now have to make use of it and make sure it all gets eaten.

Did you make anything?

Until next time,

George x

Oh and here are some pictures!

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