Week Six – Puits D’Amor.

Week Six in the tent, was pastry week. I found personally that it wasn’t the best week of the show. A contestant (Dan) whom I liked left due to the fluster and well the show itself was just a bit bla.

Really don’t know why but it’s not doing it for me this year. Anyhow, onto the challenge.

The Challenge.

I was so uninspired this week. So I opted to try and make the technical challenge. Not that I knew anything about Puits D’Amor. The recipe on the app said it took 1 hour to make. This is a lie. Just saying, as it took about 1hr 30 just to make and fold the pastry and let it rest, let alone making the components etc. I ended up making them over the course of 2 days and one morning due to other commitments and I have to say I don’t think they were worth it.

As per the last challenge, I didn’t have a blowtorch and think this would have really helped. Also have to say that my crem pat was a bit runny and therefore didn’t hold its shape like the picture. Also, the compote was fairly hard to judge.

The taste was nice, and one of Dan’s colleagues gave it a steady 8/10, which is good but it was a bit too much effort for me.

If I am honest, it would probably work better if I had a blowtorch and a full day to spend making them.

Well so that was that, they are not the best pictures as I finished them in the morning and it’s just not great lighting at the moment! May have to get my lights out of their boxes.

Anyhow, did you make anything this week?

Until next time,

George x

Oh and here are a few pictures…

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