September Bakes

September has been a busy month for baking thanks to the return of the Great British Bake Off!

Whilst I am not overly convinced about this year’s show in all, I do enjoy watching and baking along weekly and the fact that I am baking more.

So what have I made. As it’s bake off time of year, I have made more than I have lately!

Wagon Wheels

These were apparently very delicious. They didn’t last long with my family and I got some nice praise from them. I found the marshmallow hard to judge as it was homemade and next time I’ll do extra chocolate to coat them but all in all a good bake.

Lime Tray Bake

I was very happy with making this as I stepped outside my comfort zone and baked something different for me as I experimented. Turned out delicious and everyone enjoyed it.

Chelsea Buns

Whilst time consuming I enjoyed making these. The first ones I made turned out how I expected and were close together, but the recipe I followed used a bit too much orange (not a fan). When I made them again though I used a different pan and they just did not rise the same. Shame really.

Treacle Tart Roulade

This was one of the easier challenges I have made so far this year and the taste was delicious, even if I did find it weird that I put breadcrumbs in the Treacle Tart part. There was method in her madness though, it tasted good.

Italian Meringue Ginger and Lemon Curd Cake

Have to say that I think this was my favourite bake so far, it took a while to make all the elements, but I was really happy with how they all came together into one. Plus, it looked pretty.

Madeira cake

This was non bake off related, but my youngest sister was a bit poorly this month and had to visit the hospital (She’s ok now). As I have now moved and just that bit too far away, when I went to visit I wanted to make her a cake, she chose a Madeira. I want to say that it was a boring cake but apparently it tasted amazing and was the best cake I’ve given my family in a while. My dad just couldn’t stop commenting. Sometimes it’s good just to go simple. Good choice Emily.

Anyhow, so that’s been my baking for the past month. Have you baked much? Let me know.

Until next time,

George x

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