Week Ten – The Final – Doughnuts

It’s officially over! Ten weeks have passed, the winner has been announced and my bake along challenge has officially ended. Which is the only thing really I’m sad about. It’s been nice to bake along with the show and make something new each week but as you know I was a bit disappointed in the show this year.

It didn’t have that little something for me, it was a bit blah (which I have mentioned in previous posts). Paul handed out way too many handshakes and well the final was a bit rubbish if I am honest. I mean it’s meant to test them and we got doughnuts and pitta bread and dips? It just seemed a bit bla compared to previous years. Now I did enjoy the baking outdoors in a completely different and new environment but in my opinion it could have been cakes or something a little bit harder!

Oh well, what’s done is done and we have ourselves a new winner. Which is another thing I was gutted for Kim Joy! She was so creative! But things happen and as always a choice was made.

The challenge

So I opted to make doughnuts. Mainly because I’ve always wanted to make them and also because I don’t own a fire pit where I could go outside and make my own pitta.

I decided to use Cupcake Jemma’s recipe which I discovered on YouTube. As always, Jemma’s recipes looked easy and delicious to make and thought I would give it a go.

I was right, doughnuts don’t take that much effort to make, just a few hours for proving. I did find though that after my second prove my doughnuts were massive. So next time I will have to make them smaller to begin with or roll out the dough a bit more!

As you can see I wanted to make heart doughnuts but that didn’t work out quite as planned!

I was also going to glaze them like Jemma’s recipe but as I used some cinnamon instead of Mace, I opted for a cinnamon sugar coating. They tasted lovely and have to admit I may of had 1 ring doughnut and 2 small doughnuts in a short space of time.

So that’s it, that makes my last bake off challenge! I would make them again, just more tweaks because doughnuts are not supposed to be that size!

Until next time,

George x

Here are some pictures of the end result!

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