#BookTour Meet me on the Riviera by Fliss Chester

Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton for giving me the opportunity to be on this book tour!


Jet down to the Côte d’Azur for a Riviera romance…

It’s a summer of millionaires, martinis and mega-yachts as Jenna Jenkins starts her new job as a party planner in glamorous Monte Carlo. And while the champagne flows on deck – and rumours swirl below – Jenna finds she has a real knack of helping the super-rich go overboard at their glittering events.

But behind Jenna’s San-Tropez-tanned back, there’s a tussle going on for her affections. While her darling boyfriend, Angus Linklater, is embroiled in his own Hong Kong hijinks, Jenna has caught the eye of a mysterious and oh-so-gorgeous billionaire, who is used to getting whatever – and whomever – he wants.

With a fabulous wedding to plan, old friends Hugo and Sally bursting with news of their own, and some shady dealings threatening to rock the boat, life in Monaco is never plain sailing. So drop anchor, glam up, and meet me on the Riviera . . .

My Thoughts

I’ve not read a book by Fliss before so had no idea what to expect if I’m honest. I expected a traditional lovey dovey romance book, I mean who could blame me with the title, (FYI, I love those books so not a bad thing) but as I started reading I found this one was slightly different. Whilst it has the typical romance and misunderstandings, it also had drama with a little something something. Potential death, manipulation and mystery. See told you it wasn’t your normal Rom com.

Fliss really has created a truly captivating book, you as a reader are whisked away to the Riviera and the wonderland that is fast cars, boats and beautiful gowns. I found it hard to put down and managed to read most of it in one sitting, it was just simply a lovely easy read which really did transport you to a fancy yacht in the sun.

I really liked Jenna as a character, she seemed very relatable and down to earth. She had frustrating friends and she just seemed to take it under her wing. I also enjoyed seeing the story from different points of view, from Jenna and Angus, to TG and also Bertie it was interesting getting a glimpse of life in another world.

Yes some of it was a bit dreamy and seemed over the top, but that was the point. That is that world (not that I have ever experienced it, its just what I am lead to believe).

After reading the book, I found out this is the third book in the French Escapes Series. Whilst this book does work well as a stand alone (I have not read the others) I personally think it would have made much more sense reading the others first. I would have loved to hear more about what Jenna and her friends got up to in Hong Kong, in the mountains and just in general. It will be my mission to add the first two books onto my to be read pile to find out what went on.

I would recommend this book if your a fan of rom com, you’ll enjoy it, it was light hearted and super easy to read with added bit of drama. If you have read the other two books in the series, I am sure you will enjoy this one just as much!

If you have read this – I would love to hear what you thought!

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Thanks so much again to Tracy Fenton, Orion and Fliss Chester for inviting me to be part of this tour.

Until next time,

George X

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