Week Two: Fig Rolls

Week two, brought us biscuit week. From chocolate bars, fig rolls and a biscuit sculpture showstopper it was an epic week. Have to say I am so so so impressed with the creativity this year. Not sure if it’s me but it seems like they have upped their game from last year and I’m enjoying it unfold!

The Bake

So because I like to try something different, I decided to make Fig rolls. If I am being completely honest, I knew I’d have no time this weekend to bake so I saw they made fig rolls and thought I’ll give those a try.

In a way it was like baking to my own technical challenge, as there wasn’t a lot of recipes out there and I struggled. I used and followed a recipe by all recipes which you can find here. As you can see it was fairly simple and I honestly found them easy to make. However after watching the show I noticed I did make a few mistakes. Such as I flattened them too much, they were not round enough and I also, like Paul said, had the temptation to make them darker. To the point that when I took them out originally I was like no they are not dark enough (basing them on the picture in the recipe) and put them back in and forgot about them as I cleaned a cupboard. Yes I multi task when baking 😂

Other than that I would make them again if I was asked too, they were not really my sort of thing taste wise. Saying that they went down with Dan and my work colleagues!

So there we have it week two in the tent. Did you bake along this week? If so what did you bake? I can’t wait to see your creations. If you follow me on Instagram, come join in my bake along challenge!

Next week it’s bread week and whilst I enjoy the challenge that brings, did you see the master creations they made. This creative bunch are going to make it hard for me to compete!

Here are some pictures of my bake this week:

Until next time,


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  1. I love the bowl in the front and your Utensil container!!


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