#BlogTour – The Essence of Evil by Rob Sinclair

Firstly I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Tracy Fenton, Canelo and Hera for allowing me to be a part of the book tour!


He’s your attacker. 

He’s a murderer.

He’s your twin. 

When D.I Dani Stephens returns to work after the attack that almost ended her life, she’s quickly plunged into a horrific new case, as dead bodies are discovered on the streets of Birmingham. 

But with no link between the victims, Dani has to get inside a killer’s mind – so turns to the murderer she knows best. Her own twin brother… 

But what makes a psychopath? Can understanding her twin help her find a murderer who leaves no trace? As the circle closes on Dani, the clock is ticking and she needs a breakthrough – before she becomes the latest victim.

A heart-stopping crime thriller that fans of Peter James and Mark Billingham won’t be able to put down.



If you know me you know I love a good police detective book! Well if i’m honest I love a good detective series which is why my eyes were drawn to this book. Police detective, murder and the beginning of a series. Well yes please.
In this book we follow DI Dani Stephens, who has just returned back to work after a horrific attack which almost ended her life. On her first day back at the ‘office’ she is called to a murder scene and thrown back into it as she tries to get into the mind of the killer to find out who it is as there are not a lot of clues left behind.
I enjoyed not being able to tell who was good and who wasn’t. As it was the beginning of the series you really were just learning about the characters and seeing them develop and you really couldn’t trust anyone which kept me guessing! I even made myself a note stating, ‘I’m constantly thinking ‘oh you must be evil’ or ‘you don’t feel right” and this wasn’t just one character it was a whole host and I enjoyed the guessing.
It really is an enjoyable read and DI Dani Stephens is a fascinating character, I am looking forward to seeing the next book and how it develops as a series.
One thing that did confuse me though was the use of the last names to refer to the people in the book. It confused me but that might just be because I read it as an ebook so couldn’t flick back and forth easily!
The scene has definitely been set for the series and I am looking forward to seeing it unravel and how the books develop in general.

About the book.

The Essence of Evil has been thoroughly researched by Sinclair, including the time the author spent with a police homicide team, making The Essence of Evil incredibly authentic in its depiction of modern policing. The Essence of Evil will be co-published by Canelo and Hera simultaneously in ebook, print and audiobook as part of their joint venture.
Rob Sinclair is a full-time, bestselling writer from the West Midlands, with over one million copies of his books sold worldwide and a 4.11* average review on NetGalley across all titles. He has been published by Orion and Bloodhound to a great reception, having written the critically acclaimed Enemy , James Ryker and Sleeper series before joining
Canelo. Sinclair has been writing since 2009 with the goal of writing an unputdownable thriller, and The Essence of Evil is just that.
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The Essence of Evil by Rob Sinclair is out on 12th September 2019 and is available from Amazon UK 
Let me know what you think once you have had a read!
Until next time,
George x

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