Week Three: Chelsea Buns

Week three in the tent and it’s the dreaded bread week. This week the bakers have to make a tear and share bread, a technical burger and burger bun challenge and a showstopper loaf (or two or three) featuring some complex designs used by cutting the skin of the loafs. Safe to say there were some up and downs in the challenge.

The Bake

I was really torn on what to bake this week. I actually wanted to bake all of them but alas I didn’t have the time so opted for Chelsea buns. Well I was meant to make cinnamon rolls but followed the wrong recipe 🙈. I know in all honesty they are similar but the proving etc is different so one to try another time really.

I have made these before and am not actually a massive fan of them. Probably mainly because they haven’t turned out the way I wanted them to. Whether I’m using the wrong pan or its just not right I’m not sure.

What I did enjoy this time was that I had help. I did some baby sitting over the weekend and the 9 yr old wanted to help me bake. So she helped me mix the dough and knead it which was fun, even if she did get a bit bored waiting for it to rise. Saying that she thought it was cool how the dough did rise! Nice to watch baking in a child’s eyes!

The end result, the buns smelt amazing and Dan really enjoyed them. I wasn’t a fan but like I say Dan loved them so it’s got to be a sign. That or he was being really nice.

Here are some pictures of the bake

Really interested to see what dairy week brings. Not entirely sure what that means I’m going to be baking next week but hey excited for the challenge.

Until next time,

George x

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    1. fueltheblog says:

      It was a mix, of sultana’s, dried apricots and some dried berries. 🙂 x

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