Week Six – Tiramisu ‘bomb’ cake

Week 6 in the tent and it brought with it dessert week. Usually you can guess the sort of desserts that will be baked but not this week, or any other week currently you see they are trying to be different but it’s becoming annoying. Maybe that’s just me though…

Anyway, we had a layered meringue ‘cake’, technical dessert in a glass (I forget the name) and a showstopper with a layered ‘bomb’ cake. I have to admit none of them majorly inspired me but I was intrigued by the ‘bomb’ cake so that’s what I decided to make.

The Bake

I have to say it was tricky, time consuming and well hard. I messed up the pistachio brittle (caramel some how burned but didn’t look burnt just tasted burnt) and I also struggled with heating the egg and sugar on heat and also measuring the temperature, but maybe that’s more down to my equipment than anything else.

I followed Alice’s recipe from the show and found it ok, although the mousse was a bit odd to make, I have never made mousse that way before.

The end result, well it was ok. I don’t actually like coffee and neither does Dan so not sure why I made it. But the taste wasn’t too bad! I surprised myself, I could mainly taste rum but I enjoyed it more than I thought which was the main thing.

Anyway, bring on Festival Week!

Until next time,

George x

Here are some pictures to show how I got on!

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